Miles W. Sandin

Sheltie Systems, Inc.

Bridgewater, Virginia 22812

(540) 828 - 6184




This resume is provided in order to highlight my ability to help you with your business needs.


Chronology of Employment Responsibilities and Accomplishments:


President of Sheltie Systems, Inc. 1995 – Current


As President I am responsible for all operations of the company.  We are located in the Beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  We specialize in creating and maintaining custom software packages for businesses with unique needs.  We are experts in using Visual FoxPro to solve business problems of all types.



l Created state of the art general business applications.  These include Payroll, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Inventory  and other related applications.  All of these are designed to be customized to meet the needs of a company.

l Provide continuing support to various businesses in all phases of their Information Technology needs…Networking, System Design and Implementation, etc.

l Created World Wide Web presence for businesses.

l Converted and enhanced numerous “legacy” FoxPlus type applications to the Visual FoxPro environment.

l Created a sophisticated family of development tools to assist in the creation of Visual FoxPro systems.

l Convert clients with Unix environments to Windows environment.



MIS Administrator at ComSonics, Inc. 1994 - 1995


Oversee the company’s Management Information System.  This includes security, hardware maintenance, software, operating systems, daily operations, report generation and distribution, user interfaces, contract administration and information technology awareness.  Perform related administrative functions necessary to define, maintain, secure and reproduce product documentation.


l Improved procedures so as to deliver month-end reports on the 1st workday of the month instead of the previous 4 - 5 day delay.

l Improved the backup procedures for a secure procedure with backups stored off-site.

l Improved filing procedures for developed software, developed manuals and PCB artwork so that revisions were properly handled.

l Created a revised daily report distribution procedure, which allowed the transition of that function to clerical personnel.

l Revised operational procedures that previously required a system manager’s attention numerous times a day so that they could be handled by clerical personnel.

lAlthough not in my job description for this position, these significant tasks were completed:

Created the Video Window PC Software.  The Video Window is a device used in TV stations and Cable TV system headends for signal analysis.  This software controls the device and analyzes the data.

Created the revised WindowLite/WindowLite Plus Training Manual.  This manual, 100+ pages in length, is used by all of the International Distributors who repair these units.

l Wrote many new reports and updated many existing reports.

l Chaired the Configuration Control Board of 4 members which approves changes to the hardware products.



Senior Software Engineer at ComSonics, Inc. 1989 - 1994


As the Senior Software Engineer, my responsibilities were to provide a) leadership in design and analysis to the other programmers, b) to design, program and maintain the PC based software that was shipped with the manufactured products, c) to design and implement systems to enhance the development of the software products and d) other functions as deemed necessary.


l Introduced relational database technology into ComSonics, Inc’s Engineering Department and its use in the software products.

l Designed and programmed the following significant software items in the product line:

è Window Lite Plus PC Software.  The WindowLite Plus is ComSonics, Inc.’s premier Cable TV signal level analysis product.  A copy of this PC software is distributed with each WindowLite Plus Unit sold (several thousand so far).

è Configure Plus PC Software.  This software is used by ComSonics, Inc.’s distributors and larger customers to configure WindowLite Plus units.

è Orchestrator imbedded and PC Software.  The Orchestrator is a device for switching signals being placed on a cable TV system.  This software controls the device.

è Flyover Service imbedded and PC software.  This system utilized an airplane, LORAN technology and ComSonics “Sniffer” technology to pinpoint cable TV system “leaks”

è GeoSniffer imbedded and PC Software.  The GeoSniffer is a system which combines GPS technology along with the WindowLite Plus & SnifferLite to pinpoint “leaks” in a cable TV system from a technician’s van.

è Engineering Information System - This is an internal system for assisting Engineering personnel in tracking needed product changes and in moving prototypes to manufacturing.

l Introduced ComSonics, Inc. to the use of Bridgewater College students as interns, Inter-term and part time programmers.  Directed and evaluated their progress.

l Chaired the Software Configuration Control Board of 6 members.  This board provided periodic review of the status of needed changes and improvements to the software products.

l Installed and maintained the Engineering Department’s network.


President of Innovative Management Systems, Inc. 1970 - 1989


As president of IMS, I was responsible for all phases of its operation.  This included sales and marketing, development, production, financial and personnel functions.


l Responsible for the entire service bureau operation, including all functions required for a staff of 9 employees. 

l Designed and wrote complete accounting write-up packages used by most of the CPA firms in the Harrisonburg area before the advent of the PC revolution.  Created PC versions of these packages for numerous businesses for their use.

l For several years, I held contracts for training the entire computer staff at Western State Hospital in programming, system operation and the use of database technology.  This was done on an HP3000 computer and was accomplished by building systems for Medical Records, Physical Plant, Personnel and other functions.

l Built many turnkey applications for local businesses.  These covered all aspects of the business environment. (i.e. Accounts Receivable, Inventory, General Ledger, Payroll, and etc.)  Industries that used these systems were Commercial Laundries, Building Material Dealers (both retail and wholesale), Charter Bus Systems, Car Dealers and other systems.

l Texas Instruments, Inc. Value Added Retailer.

l SCO (Santa Cruz Operation) Value Added Retailer (A leader in UNIX/XENIX operating systems.)



Manager of C.E. Shull Computing Center, Bridgewater College. 1967 - 1970


As the manager, I was responsible for the installation and implementation of the 1st computer at the college.  This included all application software and all operational responsibilities.  In addition I had teaching responsibilities.


l Created the Development Office system used for mailings and gift accounting.  This system became the model for other colleges in the area (i.e., Mary Baldwin College, Eastern Mennonite College, Washington & Lee University and Madison College.)

l Created the Registrar’s Office system.  This system, too, became the model for other colleges in the area (see above).

l Wrote a special class scheduling program which did exhaustive testing to schedule students to classes to maximize ability of the students to take needed classes.

l Taught FORTRAN and Assembler programming.  Special training session for the faculty.

l Provided assistance to faculty and students with their programming efforts.

l Wrote special programs for faculty members to assist in their record keeping functions.


Research Assistant, Ballistic Analysis Laboratory, The Johns Hopkins University. 1963 - 1967


Directly involved and significantly responsible for data gathering, data analysis and data presentation for Vehicle Vulnerability studies under the university’s contract with Aberdeen Proving Ground.


l Held secret security clearance.

l Designed and programmed the first computer programs for Vehicle Vulnerability Data Analysis.

l Conducted real time ballistic tests on vehicles and components.

l Co-Authored a published Technical Report on Vehicle Vulnerability. (Classified.)



Bridgewater College

Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and Physics.

The Johns Hopkins University

Courses in computer science and applied mathematics at The Evening College of The Johns Hopkins University.

Blue Ridge Community College

Course in Computer Aided Drafting.

Wakefield High School

College preparatory curriculum.

ICCP Examination

I sat for and passed the Certified Systems Professional examination.


Computer Skills:


Proficient in many software packages including:

MS-Word                      MS-Excel                                  WordPerfect                  dBase  

FoxBase+                     FoxPro                                      Visual FoxPro                BASIC

Visual BASIC                Lotus 1-2-3                                Adobe Illustrator DrawPerfect

MS-Works                     E-Mail                                       Internet             MS-DOS

Windows 3.x                 Windows 95/98/ME/XP   Windows NT/200x          FORTRAN

Unix                              Xenix                                        Novell Netware   Quattro Pro

COBOL             C & C++                                   Assembler                     MS-Office

MS-PowerPoint  MS-Schedule                             MS-Project                    MS-FrontPage

MS-Outlook                   MS-Publisher                             MS-Access                   HP MPE/ix