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"Visual CarParts Management System" (VCM)

This custom Sheltie software application is based upon your needs as a business owner.  It provides in-house processing for all aspects of a mail/phone order business.  This includes Sales Ordering, Invoicing, Inventory Tracking and Control, and Purchase Ordering.  All of those processes so vital to your daily operation.

  1. Extensive Customer information.
  2. Multiple Ship-to addresses for each customer.
  3. Unlimited History of Sales orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders, etc.
  4. Extensive Inventory information.
  5. Purchase Order Creation
  6. Back Order Creation.
  7. Receipt to Inventory Creation.
  8. Extensive Vendor information.
  9. Kit structures are supported.
  10. Detailed Sales Orders, Invoices, Return Authorizations.
  11. Street level address validation through Internet access to shipping services (UPS, etc)
  12. Pictures for inventory items.
  13. Catalog creation.
  14. Mailing label creation.